Friday, October 8, 2010


The technique that I use for all of my corpse props has been used in Hollywood for decades. It is a simple way to take an existing skeleton and add, what looks like, rotten flesh. Here is the grand secret, cotton balls and liquid latex. I use latex flooring adhesive instead of liquid latex because of the price difference. Liquid latex is $49 per gallon and flooring adhesive is $10 per gallon. The only drawback with the flooring adhesive is it takes forever to dry and will be sticky for months unless you paint it. The method for corpsing is simple, unroll the cotton balls, paint some latex onto the surface to be corpsed, put the cotton down, and paint latex onto the cotton until it is saturated. (use an old throw away brush). Layer the cotton on until you get the desired look and sculpt it as you see fit, this is a messy process so lay down some paper or plastic. A sunny day will help in the drying process.

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